The Story of ASARUM

During the year 4000 B.C.E., King Gilgamesh feared the inevitable oncoming of death. In hopes to escape what all humans are destined to confront, he sought a plant that according to legend, would give one eternal life. According to another legend, … [Read More...]

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Asarum: Fantasy Thriller

Asarum is an epic fantasy thriller where myth and reality collide in present day.  This story is set in Englewood, Boca Grande and surrounding Florida Gulf Coast communities.  Built around unknown seismic activity off the Gulf Coast of Florida, … [Read More...]

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Asarum Crew

Part of all good movies is the team behind the scenes. The Asarum Crew has a passionate and dedicated crew who first fell in love with the story- and had the desire and vision to help it come to life. Although the crew for Asarum are just coming to … [Read More...]

Sneak Peek

Part of the fun and anticipation of seeing a new movie is the opportunity to have sneak peeks along the way of what the crew is doing. The team at Asarum will be sharing ideas with you as the film continues to be made. When it comes to the final … [Read More...]

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Asarum IMDb

Be sure to check out the IMDb Pages for Asarum as we continue production.  The movie has it's own page so be sure to visit that and share with your friends. You can also learn more about each of our actors and crew on IMDb. Seth Remis Mariela … [Read More...]

Trailers & Clips

Asarum Underwater Test Shots for Shark Scenes

The Asarum Film Special Effects team has been working on underwater scenes for the upcoming major motion picture 'Asarum'. Here are some test shots of one of the underwater clips. This is a test shot and is based on a WETA Digital Commercial for a … [Read More...]

Exclusive Interview with Asarum Lead Actor Seth Remis

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Behind the Scenes

Making of Movie Music

Great movies start with a well written script, casting the right talent for on screen roles, the production team behind the scenes- and an amazing soundtrack to help tie all the emotional and visual elements together.  Asarum is proud to have David … [Read More...]

Tracy on the Beach at Night

The special effects team worked on some green screen stills to create a pre-development idea for a night in Bermuda.  Before formal production starts, the team works out comps for the crew to consider for live footage and CGI work.  This night … [Read More...]

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