Seth Remis is Mike: the lead male role in Asarum

Seth-Remis-Asarum-Film-ActorSeth Remis has been a performer his whole life. It began at age three performing for his parents any chance he could. In 5th grade he had the Lead in his school play, and Sang in the Talent Show almost every year from that point on as well.

He sang the National Anthem at many events in High School. He did plays for production companies outside of High School, like playing The Scarecrow in “The Wiz”.

After studying Acting at SDSU, he left to pursue his Life Goal to Succeed as a Professional Actor.

The last few years  have been especially rewarding, booking a handful of Guest Star roles on National Television Shows. He also booked roles in Commercials. His Success in film has been an adventure in the making, booking Supporting and Leading Roles in a handful of Short & Feature Length Productions. He also wrote, directed, & starred in a film “The Industry” which had a cast of over 25 Actors.

He is a Full Time Actor, who you can catch either at the Gym, Auditioning, On Set, Taking an Acting Class, or Teaching one. He personally coaches a handful of gifted young actors in Los Angeles and New York.

Known for being a perfectionist, Seth has laser focus and has a very high standard for what type of project he works on. “All I do is Act, Think about Acting, or how I can get to the next level in my Career.”

He has guest starred in many popular Television Shows, and has starred in some pretty impressive films. He has thousands of fans all across the world!

Seth is excited about bringing the lead character, Mike,  in Asarum to life. 


Enjoy some of the other work Seth has done:

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  • He Guest Starred in a premiere episode of “We The People on NBC, playing Leonard Dougherty; which has aired three times! That episode has also gone Viral on YouTube. CVg-SE
  • In “Guns Don’t Lie” he plays Scott Jacobs; which wrapped in January 2012.
  • Here is the TRAILER for “GUNS DON’T LIE”!
  • On GLEE he played a waiter!
  • On Chuck on NBC he played a Naturalist/Cult Member who was featured in the show & the commercial.
  • He also had a supporting role in the feature film “Unwitting Victims.”
  • He played “Buzzard” in Natural Football League Directed by Michael Patrone.
  • He went on to book a lead in a Sizzler commercial which has aired over 200 times He also played a college kid on The Mentalist on CBS.
  • Look for him as a young & wealthy tycoon in the season finale of “House of Lies” on Showtime.
  • Seth plays Grayson Brower in the exciting Action Film “Shadow Deep”!
  • Prior to acting Seth was a public speaker who traveled all across North America. He spoke in front of Colleges, High Schools, & Business Professionals.
  • He knows that Success in all things are possible with a strong work ethic, ambition, and positive outlook.
  • To connect with Seth Remis outside of his personal Facebook-You can follow him on Twitter @sethremis.
  • You can also find videos of Seth Remis on YouTube by simply Searching his name.
  • Here is his IMDb-