Mike Maroni knows what it’s like when people have the power to play God.

Life or death. Who lives? Who dies.

Growing up in Brooklyn, the ‘family business’ showed him the dark side of greed, power, money and a desire to walk immortal. That life was his birthright, but that was not the legacy he wanted.

The inner conflict to live morally and walk away from that was strong. Following his Mother’s words of encouragement to do what made him happy, he moves to a small seacoast town in Florida.

Finding peace on the waters and in his heart, Mike meets Tracy Fisher.

Everything changes for Mike and Tracy after discovering an intriguing plant infused with mystical powers creating incredible healing for those who touch it.

Could this be the fabled plant of immortality Gilgamesh searched and fought wars for?

Playing God was never the inheritance Mike wanted, and now, his future legacy lies in his hands…