ASARUM: The Book!

Coming soon in 2016

Making of Movie Music

Asarum Demo Track IdeasGreat movies start with a well written script, casting the right talent for on screen roles, the production team behind the scenes- and an amazing soundtrack to help tie all the emotional and visual elements together. 

Asarum is proud to have David Hamilton as our main composer writing for this production. 

Enjoy a couple of samples of David’s work here.


David Hamilton-Composer


Composer David Hamilton began studying piano at the age of four and has been performing and composing ever since. Classically trained, he began formal studies in composition and music theory with the late avant­ garde composer William Karlins and Grammy Award Winner Augusta Read Thomas at Northwestern University.

Soon after he began collaborating with student filmmakers, David developed a passion for composing music for visual media and sought more specialized training.

He went on to study film scoring with Deniz Hughes (orchestrator to Elliot Goldenthal), Sonny Kompanek (orchestrator to Carter Burwell), and music editing with TimothyJ. Starnes (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy) at NYU’s Scoring for Motion Pictures and MultimediaMaster of Music program.

Working closely with the Tisch School of the Arts film and television community, David scored numerous independent short films and was selected to compose the music to Director Joseph Pernice’s finalist entry in Wong Kar Wai’s First Journeys Awards by Louis Vuitton.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, David has composed the scores to:

  • The Diet Life directed by Matt Walerstein
  • Army of Frankensteins directed by Ryan Bellgardt
  • Final Payment directed by Rodney Wilson
  • Luke 11:17, a television series directed by Jeremy Weiss and Don Stark
  • and he recently composed additional music for Al Pacino’s Wilde Salome

David’s music has been featured on Dateline NBC, Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, History Channel’s American Pickers, Discovery Channel’s Desert Car Kings, and VH1’s The T.O. Show. His advertising clients include Americana Manhasset, Sirius XM Radio, United Health Care of Southern California, Our Mobile Generation, Glumac, Softcup, and The Art Institute.

Debbra Sweet- Line Producer

Author, Speaker, Musician, Marketing & Business Consultant and Multipreneur: Debbra Sweet.

Debbra’s versatile background both creatively and professionally give her the skill sets and hands on experience needed to successfully build and lead the team to develop, produce and distribute movies. 

Exposure to business and entrepreneurship at an early age along with cultivation of artistic talent in music and writing is the background that Debbra Sweet brings to her readers, listeners, audiences and clients alike.  

She was a music performance major in school and took a lot of flack as a ‘band geek’.  She understands the art of performance along with the business side of the entertainment industry. Debbra Sweet is a talented, accomplished and award winning musician who is a singer and plays several instruments including: Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards and more.

People have told her over and over that they love to hear her play and sing. Debbra’s music connects with them and moves them.  Her business skills and hands on entrepreneurship have helped her guide many businesses to stability and successful growth. 

She’s a contributing author to the New York Times best selling book “Masters of Sales”.

Debbra is also a lead author in The Power of Leadership Book Series and a contributing author in the following book titles: “Finding the Leader Within”, “Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow”, “Being the Leader Producing Results” and”The Power of Leadership in Business Networking”.

Debbra’s  book titled “Repairing the Reprobate Mind” is helping thousands to overcome turmoil, drama, frustration and personal struggles in their lives. This step by step guide guides them to personal victory and delivers insights on how to create personal prosperity in life. 

She is currently writing two new books that are also designed to help people overcome difficult circumstances to effectively overcome them with lasting success.  “Hitting the Wall- Life Beyond Impact” will be released soon. 

Debbra travels the country and with  some amazing performance and speaking opportunities. Through her music, books, training seminars and classes where she is a featured performer or speaker- She is living her dream! 

Asarum Underwater Test Shots for Shark Scenes

The Asarum Film Special Effects team has been working on underwater scenes for the upcoming major motion picture ‘Asarum’. Here are some test shots of one of the underwater clips.

This is a test shot and is based on a WETA Digital Commercial for a test only… still work to be done. :) Even though it’s a test.. Sneak peaks are always cool!

Tracy on the Beach at Night

Asarum Mariela Bermuda Night

The special effects team worked on some green screen stills to create a pre-development idea for a night in Bermuda. 

Before formal production starts, the team works out comps for the crew to consider for live footage and CGI work. 

This night scene features Tracy, (played by Mariela Martinez) on  the beach in Bermuda. 

Asarum IMDb

Be sure to check out the IMDb Pages for Asarum as we continue production. 

The movie has it’s own page so be sure to visit that and share with your friends.

You can also learn more about each of our actors and crew on IMDb.

Seth Remis

Mariela Martinez

Allen Driscoll

Igor Zanic

Diego Trazzi

Debbra Sweet



Sneak Peek

Part of the fun and anticipation of seeing a new movie is the opportunity to have sneak peeks along the way of what the crew is doing.

The team at Asarum will be sharing ideas with you as the film continues to be made.

When it comes to the final editing- we will keep what does make the final cut a secret until the Big Reveal! Until then, check back often and enjoy what the team is doing.

Exclusive Interview with Asarum Lead Actor Seth Remis

Asarum Crew

Part of all good movies is the team behind the scenes.

The Asarum Crew has a passionate and dedicated crew who first fell in love with the story- and had the desire and vision to help it come to life.

Although the crew for Asarum are just coming to work together for the first time…they are not new to the industry.  The skills, synergy and shared excitement for this film shows up in all aspects of the production of the film.

We have collaborated with several talented people around the world, including musicians and computer graphics artists, that will be contributing their help in the production of “ASARUM”.  This film is a passion project and we want to bring “ASARUM” to the world in a way that people will love for years without end.

Introducing some of the people behind the scenes of Asarum:

Guest Director & Visual Effects by: Igor Zanic 

Visual Effects will be consulted and supervised by Diego Trazzi, Lead VFX Director at Weta Digital in New Zealand. We are honored to have someone contribute their award winning expertise to the film. Recently, Diego was in New Zealand working on The Hobbit.

VFX Artist: Igor Zanic will also contribute his help in the development of oceanagraphic visual effects. He is well known for his work in the movie Shark Night 3D. You can visit his website at Shadow VFX.

Both of these astute artists have pioneered the field of Fluid Dynamics using such software as NAIAD, which will be used extensively in the making of ASARUM.

The primary language of the film will be English with worldwide distribution, through theaters and in store video sales.

Allen Driscoll

Director and Screen Writer: Allen Driscoll

Allen is a professional screenplay writer, director, cinematographer and cgi artist. He associates himself with many other professional artists in Europe and New Zealand. Whether it’s on film or digital video, he has experience from A-Z in the production process.


Line Producer: Debbra Sweet

Debbra is an entrepreneurial trailblazer.

She in an innovative creator and investor in forward thinking companies. From time to time you will meet a person who can easily integrate out of the box creative ideas and then bring them to life with proven systems,  process  and procedures, while aligning a team that stays engaged to reach growth goals. Sweet is one of those rare people.

Debbra is the Founder and CEO of Sweet Marketing Solutions; a national integrated marketing communications firm, Thrive Right Consulting, a business growth training company and she’s the founder and CEO of 3 Reel Films, LLC. Debbra has been published nine (9) times as an author including being a contributing author to the New York Times bestselling book “Masters of Sales”.  She is a lead author in The Power of Leadership book series and is the host of The Power of Leadership Radio.

Exposure to business at an early age and cultivation of artistic talent in music and writing is part of the diverse background that Debbra Sweet brings to 3 Reel Films, LLC.

Debbra’s background has always involved the creative side; whether it is from her professional experience on stage as a musician, author, speaker and radio show host, and includes her vast experience with business systems, strategic planning, comprehensive project management skills, strategies in effective marketing.  Her skills and international networking relationships, are key success factors in her contributions to 3 Reel Films, LLC,  and the upcoming movie Asarum.

Kurt Thompson  Cameraman

Cinematography by: Kurt Thompson

Kurt Thompson was born in Liverpool, England and moved to the U.S. at the age of two.  He attended Saint Petersburg Vocational-Technical Institute where he majored in Television Technician Program and studied Audio-Visual systems, video camera, lighting board and spotlights, floor directing, program production, video tape editing and script writing.  Learn More Here



Hair & Makeup: Susan Barcellona 

Susan Barcellona is a celebrated Beauty Expert and trendsetter within the beauty industry. Determined to fulfill her dream, Susan moved to San Diego from NYC in 1998 (read more)



Nikki Incandela 2

Still Photography: Nikki Incandella  

Nikki is an international photographer who specializes in portrait photography.  She also documents global projects that are close to her heart, encompass special meaning and spread incredibly positive messages.

Her passion lies in capturing happiness, love and the connections of those beautiful souls who are on the other end of her lens.  Read more about Nikki here.





Florida Unit Publicist and Media Contact: Jack Gray