Nikki IncandelaNikki is an international photographer who specializes in portrait photography.  She also documents global projects that are close to her heart, encompass special meaning and spread incredibly positive messages.
Her passion lies in capturing happiness, love and the connections of those beautiful souls who are on the other end of her lens. Her specialty is documenting the true spirit, light and heart of her clients on film as well as the key moments that occur in life and in film.   She loves helping her clients get their work out into the world with amazing visibility and an authentic message. 

Nikki has been on assignment in Spain, France, Monaco and the United States and has loved being on set for movie and documentary documentation.  Both capturing the amazing talent on film or rawness and vulnerability of a documentary as well as the behind the scenes action fulfills her soul as much as her portrait clientele.  

Deeper than a means of livelihood, she enjoys making life richer and more memorable by seeing her photographer’s art as a service to others.