The Story of ASARUM

During the year 4000 B.C.E., King Gilgamesh feared the inevitable oncoming of death.

In hopes to escape what all humans are destined to confront, he sought a plant that according to legend, would give one eternal life. According to another legend, the plant was also able to bring the corpse of any living thing back to life. Little did he know that a serpent guarded the plant which kept mankind from possessing such power that was not of this earth…

Now it’s present day, and during this time, there is some speculation that more unexplained earthquakes will occur in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. This research is being funded by Oil Companies.

During a seismic event, the ocean floor opened and revealed an entrance way that has laid dormant for thousands of years, hidden from the clenches of men.

A young couple, being curious, venture to the area only to discover yet again what Gilgamesh had lost. Little do they realize that the same serpent, which Gilgamesh confronted, still guards the plant.

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