Susan Barcellona

(Hair Stylist )

Susan Barcellona is a celebrated Beauty Expert and trendsetter within the beauty industry. Determined to fulfill her dream, Susan moved to San Diego from NYC in 1998, after a brief hiatus having her children she opened Bella Bella Salon and Boutique in 2004 and began teaching and applying her makeup and hair techniques to aspiring beauty professionals and clients alike.

Susan discovered at a young age of 16 that she had a unique artistic talent and began to perfect her work as an industry professional. Instilled with hard work and determination, Susan has had a varied career in the Fashion, Print and Movie Industry as well as owning three successful salons.

For the past 30 years, Susan has made a living making women not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful as well. She has the knowledge and skills to achieve a diverse range of looks that meet her client’s needs, and is known for mastering the “flawless face”. Her talent and determination have led her to offer her techniques for HBO, CBS, ABC for not only news Anchors but celebrity clientele as well.