Debbra Sweet- Line Producer

Author, Speaker, Musician, Marketing & Business Consultant and Multipreneur: Debbra Sweet.

Debbra’s versatile background both creatively and professionally give her the skill sets and hands on experience needed to successfully build and lead the team to develop, produce and distribute movies. 

Exposure to business and entrepreneurship at an early age along with cultivation of artistic talent in music and writing is the background that Debbra Sweet brings to her readers, listeners, audiences and clients alike.  

She was a music performance major in school and took a lot of flack as a ‘band geek’.  She understands the art of performance along with the business side of the entertainment industry. Debbra Sweet is a talented, accomplished and award winning musician who is a singer and plays several instruments including: Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards and more.

People have told her over and over that they love to hear her play and sing. Debbra’s music connects with them and moves them.  Her business skills and hands on entrepreneurship have helped her guide many businesses to stability and successful growth. 

She’s a contributing author to the New York Times best selling book “Masters of Sales”.

Debbra is also a lead author in The Power of Leadership Book Series and a contributing author in the following book titles: “Finding the Leader Within”, “Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow”, “Being the Leader Producing Results” and”The Power of Leadership in Business Networking”.

Debbra’s  book titled “Repairing the Reprobate Mind” is helping thousands to overcome turmoil, drama, frustration and personal struggles in their lives. This step by step guide guides them to personal victory and delivers insights on how to create personal prosperity in life. 

She is currently writing two new books that are also designed to help people overcome difficult circumstances to effectively overcome them with lasting success.  “Hitting the Wall- Life Beyond Impact” will be released soon. 

Debbra travels the country and with  some amazing performance and speaking opportunities. Through her music, books, training seminars and classes where she is a featured performer or speaker- She is living her dream!